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10 Fun virtual quiz round ideas

Take your quizzes to the next level and escape general knowledge fatigue with our 10 fun and unique virtual quiz rounds!

1. Memorize: the frantic picture memory game!

Memorize is a frantic and fast paced picture memory game. In this game, your players will be shown a picture for just 5 seconds before being asked a question about what they’ve seen.

2. Virtual scavenger hunt

Ask your quizzers to quickly find a certain object from around their house, and then either award a point to the first person back or to the best object!

3. Crazy conveyors

In this game, players will see a number of items quickly pass by on a conveyor belt and will have to try and remember as many as they possibly can! Includes 4 great rounds (including the round of madness!)

4. Anagrams

Unscramble a series of letters to make a word. Check out our 30 fun pre-made word scrambles.

5. Brands and Logos

We see logos almost everywhere we look, however how many do we actually remember? Check out our 30 question brands and logos quiz…

6. Baby photos

Ask your participants to send you a picture of them when they were younger, then put up the images on screen and let them guess who is who. You could also find some celebrity baby photos online!

7. Will it float

Pick out some fun objects from around your house (e.g. a banana, a plastic bottle, anything goes!), have your quizzers guess whether or not they will float, then drop them into a bucket full of water.

8. Name the landmarks

Put up a famous landmark on screen and ask your quizzers what it’s called and where it’s located.

9. Music round

See whether your quizzers can identify a song from the first few seconds. You could make a Spotify playlist for this beforehand and then share your computer sound.

10. Two truths and a lie

Ask your quizzers to send over two surprising truths and a lie about themselves, and then ask the other quizzers to try and identify the lie.

Have fun with our 10 virtual quiz round ideas!

We hope you found this guide useful, and enjoy spicing up your next quiz with a few ideas from the list! For 10 great quizzes and games at only £10, you can check out our megapack here.