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30 Quiz team name ideas

Struggling to come up with a great team name? We’ve got you covered!

The classics

  1. Quiz Champions
  2. The winners
  3. Brainboxes
  4. Masterminds
  5. Quizzy McQuizFaces
  6. Eggheads
  7. The A team
  8. And the winner is…..
  9. The Quizzy Rascals
  10. The know-it-alls
  11. Best of the best
  12. Golden oldies


  1. The llamas
  2. The dolphins
  3. The turtles
  4. The orangutans
  5. The chimps
  6. The buzzy bees


  1. Sherlock/Moriarty variation
  2. Agatha Quiztie
  3. You’re a quizzard, Harry!
  4. The Quizzard of Oz
  5. The bookworms


  1. The bananas
  2. The strawberries
  3. The miracle fruits
  4. The dragon fruits
  5. The passion fruits
  6. Durian fruit
  7. The kiwis
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How to host a quiz on Microsoft Teams

Note: you will need a Microsoft for business account to use Teams. If you do not have a Microsoft business account, then you can use Microsoft’s similar Skype platform, and you can find our guide for that here.

1. Open Microsoft Teams. You can either use the desktop app or the online version, which can be found here.

2. Now that Teams is open, go over to the chat. Open up the chat tab from the left sidebar. if your quizzers aren’t already in a channel together, then create one by clicking on the pencil icon and entering in the emails of your quizzers.

3. OPTIONAL- Create a quiz channel. If your quizzers aren’t already in a teams channel together, then navigate to the chat function and click on the pencil icon. You can then search and add people from the search bar.

4. Then, click the call button. We recommend using the video option because then your quizzers will be able to see you!

5. Start the screen sharing. Now that you’re in a meeting, a bar will appear at the bottom. From here you can turn your camera and microphone on and off. The share screen button is also there, click it and then select your the right presentation window!

Now everything is set up, you can enjoy your quiz with all your friends!

Save yourself some time by checking out our pre-made quizzes. Have fun and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

To learn more, Microsoft teams has some handy video guides here.

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How to host a quiz on Zoom

1. Create an account and install Zoom from

2. Once downloaded then sign in, and schedule or start a meeting.

3. In the meeting, share your quiz PowerPoint. Select share screen from the bottom menu, then select the correct window and click on the share button.

4. Once you’re ready, invite your quizzers: click on the green badge in the top left-hand corner and then either send out the meeting ID and password, or the meeting link.

5. Admit your participants as they arrive, either via the pop-ups that appear or by the participants tab.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy hosting your quiz on Zoom. For more tips, see Zoom’s tutorial guide here.